Acoustic Sound Control Test Enclosure

Acoustic Sound Control Test Enclosure

eNoise Control can design and manufacture engineered acoustical sound control test chambers. Clients can use the rooms for a variety of applications requiring specific interior sound absorption or anechoic characteristics and low frequency energy cut-offs. Sound chambers are conducive to the testing of products in many industries.

acoustic sound control test enclosure with foamIndustries and Applications

  • Science
  • Biomedical
  • Automotive
  • Audio engineering
  • Small appliances
  • Consumer products
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Speech isolation
  • OEM

Our chambers utilize a variety of interior sound absorbing components including perforated metal cladding, fiberglass absorbers, and foam anechoic wedges. The design isolates high sound levels within the chamber from ambient noise outside, and vice versa. These chambers provide the ideal acoustical environment in which to perform accurate and reliable testing of many types.

At eNoise Control, we have the highest standards of quality and accuracy, while still giving our clients flexibility and customization options. The specific setting and application will determine the design type, materials of construction, and what options are available. The most common project is shipped as modular components and assembled on site. eNoise Control also provides factory pre-assembled chambers that are portable, robust structures, complete with isolated floors when required. Most typical applications are designed using our modular acoustical panels as the basis of construction.


Our modular acoustical metal panels carry a high STC rating. We use these panels to construct the superstructure and tuned anechoic wedges to line the interior. This allows us to design systems to provide interior sound levels of 35 dBA or less with low frequency cut off from 80 Hz to 250 Hz. The enclosures offer a variety of accessories such as automatic sliding doors, integrated ventilation systems, data entry sleeves, interior lighting, and silenced ventilation systems. Additionally, all of our products meet ASTM E84 Class I Fire Rating.

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