4 Reasons Why You Need an Acoustical Consultant

Whether you are hosting a local concert, taking on a construction project or installing a commercial grade HVAC system; you will have a need for noise reduction products. Noise reduction products are key to complying with local noise ordinances; but figuring out the best products for you, where to purchase, the number of products you need and where to place them for maximum noise reduction them can be a bit confusing. This is why you need an acoustical consultant.

An acoustical consultant is basically a noise expert, who can help you define the true source of the sound waves understand the pitch measurements, recommend products that will ensure you comply with noise ordinances and suggest product placement based on your site. Still not sure you need one? Keep reading to find out the four main reasons why you need an acoustical consultant.

What is an Acoustical Consultant?

An acoustical consultant specializes in acoustical engineering. They have certified expertise in sound, vibration and the application of acoustics. Their overall objective is to mitigate sound while considering other aspects such as design and analysis.

Noise control can be quite complex. If noise is not reduced properly, it can have significant negative impacts on animal and human health – potentially leading to hearing loss. An acoustical consultant has the proper knowledge and education to accurately analyze the unwanted noise and design a proper noise reduction set up. This setup could include just one product or a variety of products together to ensure the environment is safe and that local noise laws are met.

Additionally, an acoustical consultant can assist with the engineering of positive sound. It is important that concert halls have high-quality acoustics for the best audio experience. Similarly, it is important for large conference rooms to have the appropriate sound engineering for intelligible announcements. An acoustical consultant will accurately be able to measure the sound, analyze the site and determine what products would best suit certain areas for the perfect audio setup.

There is quite a bit of science involved in being an acoustical consultant. They must not only survey the site but measure the frequencies of the sound, understand the sound waves, and determine the best course of action based on a variety of outside factors – including the use of the space. Whether the sound has more low tones or high tones is extremely important when recommending products.

Why you need an Acoustical Consultant

1. Provide accurate sound survey

Now that you understand the complexities revolved around noise control, the first reason you should hire an acoustical consultant is that they can complete an accurate sound survey. An acoustical consultant has the training and equipment to measure the source of the sound, understand the longevity of the sound waves and determine the biggest problem areas at your site.

The acoustical consultant will measure a variety of factors, then provide charts and maps of the sound readings. The sound measurement data is critical in determining what products to purchase to mitigate the noise because some products reduce more sound than others. Without an acoustical consultant, you could purchase noise reduction barriers that don’t properly reduce the noise or potentially don’t reduce the noise at all.

2. Assist in complying with local noise ordinances

We’ve mentioned this briefly, but an acoustical consultant is absolutely critical when complying with local noise ordinances. They will be able to conduct a property line noise analysis and teach you how the local noise ordinances apply to you and your property. They will take sound readings at the property line to determine if a noise source is in violation of the noise code.

If you are in violation of your local noise code, a complaint can be filed and you could face fines for harmful noise exposure. It is good practice to seek assistance from an acoustical consultant that will ensure you are complying with noise standards to help you avoid a lawsuit.

3. Offer expert testimony for legal disputes over noise issues

In the case of a lawsuit, an acoustical consultant can offer their services as an expert witness. Should you find yourself being tried against for failing to comply with local noise ordinances but are certain you are actually in compliance, an acoustical consultant can serve as an expert witness at trial to assist your case.

Opposingly, if you feel your noise rights are being violated by someone else, you can hire an acoustical consultant as an expert witness to provide data and readings that prove the transgression.

4. Make product recommendations to save you time and money

Lastly, an acoustical consultant can make professionally backed product recommendations based on your individual needs. Since your site is unique and the noise being emitted is unique, it is important to base your purchase off of a direct recommendation. There are a variety of products available that will mitigate unwanted noise, but not all of those products will work for you. An acoustical consultant will provide possible solutions such as constructing a barrier, installing sound absorbers, implementing buffer zones, adding sound suppressors or even making adjustments to the equipment.


Here at eNoise Control, we provide expert acoustical consultant services for a variety of use cases. We understand all noise control needs are custom, so we provide a full range of acoustical engineering services to accurately and effectively reduce your unwanted sound. Noise Control, OEM Evaluation, Noise Monitoring, Employee Noise Exposure, and Dosimeter Readings, are all included in our acoustical consultant services.

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