3 Popular Uses for Outdoor Sound Barriers

Outdoor sound barriers can be used for a variety of scenarios. They are not limited to any specific use case and can even be repurposed for nearly any scenario where you might need to reduce your noise output, But, if you are brushing up on what products might be best for your outdoor noise reduction needs and think the product for you might be outdoor sound barriers, then keep reading to find out 3 popular uses for outdoor sound barriers.


1. Outdoor Construction Projects

I am sure you are aware that outdoor construction projects can get loud. The equipment that is necessary for many outdoor projects aren’t quiet by any means and this can be irritating to those outside of the construction area, and even those within it. But to protect pedestrians and passerby from the loud noises coming from your outdoor construction project, you can use outdoor sound barriers to deaden the noise.

These work exceptionally well for construction noise use cases and even provide a bit of privacy around the area. You can custom order outdoor sound blankets to your specifications and installation is a breeze. Outdoor sound barriers are extremely popular among construction crews because they are effective, easy to install and reusable.


2. Outdoor Musical Venues

Another popular use case for these blankets are outdoor venues with music. These are not the most aesthetically pleasing panels to look at initially, but with a few decal logos placed on the outside, these panels become an effective sound reducing piece of marketing.

Since it is so important to keep compliant with your local city ordinances on your sound output, outdoor sound barriers are a must when it comes to outdoor music venues. These are typically used for smaller venues that do not have a permanent location and soundstage already in place. Outdoor sound barriers can be placed around the perimeter of the venue and even behind the stage to reduce as much noise on the outside as possible. Additionally, these panels create a better audio experience for those within its walls.


3. Noisy HVAC Systems

Last but not least, outdoor sound barriers are extremely popular for buildings with larger HVAC systems that put off a lot of noise. This is due to their effectiveness and their ability to withstand many extreme outdoor conditions. They are durable enough to withstand, high temperatures, rain, sleet, snow, intense winds and even freezing temperatures. In addition to the weather resistance feature of outdoor sound blankets, they have a long life before needing to be replaced. So, once they are installed around your HVAC system you don’t need to worry about replacing them in a few short months.


If you are in the market for some high-quality outdoor sound barrier panels, then check out our selection here. If you are still a bit confused on what products might be best for your noise reduction needs, then talk to our experts who can offer acoustical consultant services to fit you with the best products for your use case and within your budget.