Sound Enclosures

Sound enclosures are a highly effective means of noise control for industrial and mechanical equipment.

Our acoustic steel enclosures are engineered for superior noise control while allowing for easy access for both ventilation and maintenance. Custom engineered steel enclosures are a workable solution to your noisy industrial equipment. Our modular panel system offers such features as:


Options include removable panels, maintenance doors, double doors, sliding doors, bi-fold doors, pneumatic doors, telescoping panels, acoustical double-glazed windows, and speed-erect connectors that allow individual panels to be removed in seconds for quick service access.

  • Passive or forced silenced ventilation
  • Silencers, acoustic hoods, acoustic louvers
  • Engineered air exchanges for heat loss
Sound Control:
  • 2" or 4"  (or thicker) acoustic steel panels
  • High sound absorption rates (NRC)
  • High sound blocking rates (STC)
  • Acoustical doors

Punch Press Sound Enclosure

Punch Press Sound Enclosure
Tongue and Groove Constructed Sound Enclosure:
Our T & G Sound Enclosures are of modular steel construction with roll-formed "tongue and groove" (male/female) connections providing a simple yet very effective progressive construction of the enclosure. Accessories include access, ventilation and effective sound control.
Tongue & Groove Sound Enclosure
Removable Panel Sound Enclosure:
eNoise Control's removable non-progressive constructed sound enclosure utilizes a patented "quick-connector" fastener. The design offers a self supporting structural frame in which panels can be easily removed independently of each other for maintenance and accessibility.
Removable Panel Sound Enclosure
Modular Sound Enclosure (smaller fit):
Engineered for smaller equipment, our Modular Sound Enclosure utilizes an independent extruded aluminum frame. The modular steel sound panels attach to the frame with a quarter turn latch system enabling the enclosure to fit tight to the machine and provide full access to the equipment.
Modular Sound Enclosure