Hydraulic Pump Noise Control - Case Study

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Often engineers, safety consultants / directors, industrial hygenists or facility managers contact us for solutions to a noise issue that is specific to their site location.  These individuals are experts at dealing with their business enviornment.  However, they need advice that is not within their major focus to satisfactorily achieve their noise reduction goals.  These industrial and manufacturing experts rely on eNoise Control to be the expert in sound control.  With years of consulting experience and up-to-date product knowledge we partner with a wide variety of professionals to be part of their team.
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Hydraulic Pump Noise Control - Case Study Hydraulic pump soundproofing applications

Hydraulic Pump Soundproofing
A manufacturing plant contacted eNoise Control, Inc. regarding high noise levels from a hydraulic pump unit located in the middle of their plant floor. Plant employees were being exposed to constant sound levels above 92 dBA from two hydraulic pump machines.

We conducted sound level readings around the machine and noted mid-frequency levels between 91- 94 dB, 10 feet from the machines. This was consistent with sound levels that were published from the manufacturer.

Our client expressed a need to access the machines for routine maintenance. They also did not desire a full sound enclosure because of ventilation and lighting concerns.

Floor mounted Sound Curtain Enclosure

Sound Curtain with Doors partially open

Floor mounted sound curtain enclosure Sound curtain with doors partially open

Hydraulic Pump Noise Control - The Solution

eNoise Control's solution was an open-topped four-sided sound curtain enclosure (see above). We supplied our rugged industrial sound curtains with a floor mounted steel support. We engineered a full 8' opening, sliding sound curtain access door. This door was achieved using nylon rollers and hooks that suspend our sound curtain from eyelets manufactured directly into the curtains.

The sound reduction was measured at 14 decibels thus achieving the customerís acoustic goals well below 85 dBA.