Generator Noise Case Study

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A client of ours was installing large (over 2000 kW) emergency power generators located in a large metropolitan area within close proximity to residential neighbors. Requirements for the project included high sound attenuation, muffled exhaust, and multiple generator housings (buildings).

eNoise Control provided a modular, outdoor sound enclosure with intake and exhaust silencers. The advantage of this solution was four-fold.

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Generator drawing
Emergency Power Generator
First, the advantage of the smaller footprint of having a single enclosure housing multiple gensets versus multiple traditional generator enclosures. 

Second, access for maintenance was improved because the client would now have more space between each unit for access

Third, because the "generator housing" or sound enclosure is technically a temporary or moveable structure, permitting is simpler versus constructing a fixed building to house the genset units.
Finally, the sound enclosure is being supplied by a sound control company that specializes in the production of sound enclosures and acoustical silencers, thus ensuring that the noise reduction goals will be met. .
Generator noise control enclosure

Typical tongue & groove outdoor sound enclosure
Ashrae paper on generator noise and sound controlASHRAE paper on generator noise sources and reduction techniques.