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eNoise Control provides a full range of products and consulting services for industrial noise control, noise canceling, sound reduction, sound deadening, abatement and containment. Customers represent a wide variety of industrial businesses throughout the United States, including energy, automotive, pharmaceutical, food service/production, general retail, manufacturing and more. As your noise control company, we can provide turnkey engineered products and services to solve your problem: professional engineering services: sound surveys, acoustical engineering, analysis, feasibility studies and expert witness testimony.

eNoise Control also works with schools, churches and other community facility representatives to help manage sound in the classroom, gymnasium, and other areas of your building.
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Industrial Sound Control and Reduction: Giving Clients What They Want

If you work in an industrial facility, we know and you know it can be loud and noisy. Maybe your employees are complaining, perhaps you've identified a safety issue, or maybe plant management has a recent safety push related to the abatement and reduction of the sounds around the facility to comply with OSHA noise standards. Whatever your reason for seeking out an answer, you know you've got a sound blocking problem that needs an acoustical solution and eNoise Control knows we can help with noise containment.
Larger cities such as Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles have specific written noise ordinances.  We work with customers to provide industrial noise and abatement solutions such as quilted sound blankets, for inside or outside your facility. We know that sound control regulations vary from city to city and state to state. Because our industrial customers represent a wide variety of major industries, our noise control systems and acoustical solutions are designed to solve a wide variety of sound blocking problems including the federal government.
From a natural gas compressor to a medical generator, we have the expertise and experience to take a sound measurement, identify the threshold levels and recommend materials and an acoustic treatment to solve the problem. Sometimes our customers call and know exactly what they need for noise canceling and to reduce sound levels inside or outside a facility. But many times, customers just know they've got a problem and don't know the best acoustic treatment or material required to achieve reduction in noise levels.  Acoustic terminology and definitions can also be confusing and Unger Technologies is here to help with a noise control system for your noise containment situation.
Turnkey support for community and industrial in-plant noise abatement and sound control
Noise reduction and sound abatement is possible. If you don't know the best way to control sound in-plant or outside areas as it affects the community, our acoustical consultants can help to provide acoustical solutions for sound blocking or sound deadening. In-plant surveys involve sound measurement and octave band scale research along with near and far field sound analysis to prioritize noise levels and exposure to workers. The data is plotted on a floor plan producing your sound survey. This detailed information is used to develop a control plan and an acoustic report recommending products and placement. Once your material purchase is made, eNoise Control can provide technicians to install on-site or work with you to manage the do-it-yourself installation.
Community noise analysis also can be conducted to help with sound abatement issues. Property line sound readings and measurements are made and reviewed in comparison to city, state, federal and related noise ordinances and regulations. The data is used to develop product and engineering recommendations.

Some typical questions we have been asked about for noise control:

What is the best way to soundproof a .............................?
How do I control noise from a .........................................?
How can I reduce noise from a .......................................?
What method of sound control is best for my application...?
How do I quiet down sound from a ..................................?
How do I insulate my.....................................................?

Please call or email to ask your particular question and how we might be able to assist you with your noise control application.

Our sound control products have helped clients with many noise control related issues such as: positive displacement blowers, stamping press, air compressor sound control, outdoor by-pass pumps, transformer noise, screw chillers, plastic grinder sound enclosures, natural gas compressor issues, genset noise control and many more.

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