Transformer Noise

Transformer Noise – Case Study

A power company contacted eNoise Control regarding noise complaints from a residential area close to the company’s transformer station. The customer attempted to erect a plywood barrier to help “stop” the noise. This was met with very little success.

eNoise Control was then hired to conduct a Sound Survey for Transformers and Reactors. eNoise Control performed this study in the field during different operating power loads. We conducted property line readings and compared those readings to any local noise ordinances. Our engineering conclusion and recommendation was for the erection of a modular acoustic steel sound barrier wall. eNoise Control designed the height, width, and position to give the optimum sound reduction.

Below is a picture of the transformer before the sound wall:


Residential Transformer Station
Transformer station near residential house before
The next picture is a photograph of the acoustic steel sound wall after installation.


Engineered Sound Control Wall
Engineered sound control wall installed

eNoise Control confirmed with sound readings after installation of the acoustic steel sound wall that our acoustic goals had been met. Transformer noise can be low frequency tonal in nature and we do recommend hiring an Acoustic Engineer such as eNoise Control to assist in the design of your noise abatement solution.

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