Acoustic Blankets – Chillers and Compressor Noise

Acoustic Blankets – Chillers and Compressor Noise – Case Study


A large congregation church with multiple sanctuaries and services being performed simultaneously in the same building were experiencing disturbing noise generated by their new Chillers with multiple Scroll Compressors. The sound was a frequency and level that it could be heard though the brick church wall and disrupting church services in that chapel.


Compressor Blankets


Scroll Compressor Blankets

Solution: Acoustical Blankets

eNoise Control, wrapped with acoustical blankets, the quantity of ten (10) scroll compressors on the two chiller units. In addition to the compressors, the chiller units piping and oil separators were also wrapped with the acoustical blankets.

The sound levels from the chiller units and the scroll compressors were reduced by 8 dBA and the congregation was very pleased the results.


Chiller Blankets


Air Cooled Chiller Compressor Blanket