Construction Site Sound Blanket Fence

Construction Site Sound Blanket Fences are an option job sites can use to help control noise at a job site. The fencing material is used as a site (visual) barrier along with a sound barrier.

The sound fencing is normally erected before excavation takes place. This helps block noise from the construction site to neighboring residents. The sound fence reduces unwanted noise from bull dozers, jack hammers, pile drivers, construction site trucks, welding equipment, compressors, etc. Increasingly, more and more Engineers and Architects specify noise control at a construction job site to help mitigate noise for the neighboring properties. OSHA has even written documents regarding noise on construction sites.

eNoise Control offers our construction site outdoor sound blanket as an easy and affordable way to screen noise at the job site. Our outdoor-ready sound blankets can be directly attached to your existing chain link fencing. Most contractors simply use nylon zip ties directly through grommets on the sound blanket to attach to the fence.


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