Air Compressor Noise Control

eNoise Control offers a proven engineered solution for air compressor noise. A sound curtain enclosure constructed of Model UNC-25 Sound Curtain Panels and support frame custom designed and fabricated to meet your application requirements.

  • Sound reduction of 12 – 18 dBA
    Silenced passive or forced air ventilation available
    Easy access to the equipment
    Enclosure easily installed and moved with equipment
    Class A (or 1) flammability rated per ASTM E84

A shop air compressor located in a corner or against an adjacent wall with constant or intermittant motor and compressed air noise emanating from the compressor. The noise levels are compounded by the sound reflecting off these walls. When the air compressor cycles, the noise becomes a nuisance to personnel in the area.

An enclosure made of Model UNC-25 sound curtain panels surrounding the air compressor. These enclosures are typically two, three, or four-sided (and of sufficient height) with an open top. Optional roof and silenced ventilation options are available depending on the application.
air compressor

The illustrations shown below are: (on the left) a four-sided enclosure with roof and silenced ventilation, (on the right) a two-sided enclosure using sound curtain panels.

air_compressor_enclosure_01 air_compressor_enclosure_drawing