Water Source Heat Pump Noise Reduction

Water Source Heat Pump Noise Reduction

water source heat pumpsIndoor water source heat pumps are becoming more common as an HVAC solution for heating and cooling of office and residential spaces.  In an office environment, water source heat pumps are typically suspended and exposed in an open joist or above a drop ceiling.  Residential units are most commonly located in a mechanical closet.  The indoor water source heat pumps are very energy efficient and low cost solutions.  The primary issue with these units is that they make a lot of noise.  A water source heat pump contains a compressor and fan in a compact unit so the potential for higher noise levels in sound sensitive areas is high.

water source heat pump curtainsOne possible sound control solution is covering the casing with a sound blanket to reduce the break-out noise generated by the compressor, motor, and fan.  The sound blanket is custom fabricated to fit each unit with cutouts for ductwork, intake, and exhaust.  The sound blankets are removable for easy maintenance.

For floor mounted units that are installed in a mechanical closet, good solutions include sound curtain barrier door covers, acoustical door seals, and ventilation hoods.  The sound curtain door covers mount to the inside of the mechanical closet door adding a sound barrier and an acoustical absorber as well as sealing the air gaps around the perimeter of the door.

curtain samples



The ventilation hood can be mounted to the inside of the mechanical closet door over the ventilation grill.  The ventilation baffle performs like an elbow silencer making the air and sound take a refracted path through an absorption lined hood out of the closet instead of a direct path, thus lowering the noise.  Acoustical head and jam seals with an automatic door bottom are a good solution to seal air gaps in a solid core door.  Call eNoise Control for assistance with your water source heat pump noise solutions.