Waste Water Plant Noise Control

Waste Water Plant Noise Control

WWTP equipmentWaste water treatment facilities are equipped with many types of machinery to help process the waste water.  Compressors, pumps, and fans are the most common.  Most facilities are constructed of painted concrete block walls and concrete floors that are easy to keep clean.  Many units of noisy equipment operating in rooms with hard reflective surfaces is a combination that will make for a very noisy and unsafe work environment.  Compressors, pumps, and fans are very noisy equipment and can easily bring a facility above the OSHA limits for sound.  Engineering controls should be used to control the sound levels of the equipment for worker safety and to prevent hearing loss.


The waste water plant noise control solution is to add durable acoustic absorption to reduce the noise reflected off the walls, floors, and ceilings.  This should be done in conjunction with acoustical sound curtain absorption and barriers around the noisiest areas or equipment or to line the walls of the room.

Pump-station-sound-curtain-enclosure-wmWith the installation of acoustical absorption to a room, clients can expect a 3-8 dBA reduction.  We recommend using a combination of two products to treat waste water treatment plant noise problems.  Our UNC-10 sound curtain installed on the ceilings and UNC-25 covering the walls provides excellent noise mitigation.  The UNC-25 product is a quilted facing with a vinyl barrier.  This helps block the sound from reverberating off the walls of the pump room.  The curtains have grommets across the top for suspension and velcro on the mating edges to insure a tight acoustic seal.

To the right you will find sound curtain datasheets for the UNC-10 and UNC-25 materials.



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