Vibratory Bowl Feeder Noise Reduction

Vibratory Bowl Feeder Noise Reduction

Vibratory Bowl Feeder Noise Reduction

Vibratory Bowl Feeder Sound Curtain Enclosure

Vibratory bowl feeders are used in many industries for loading and feeding of individual and typically small parts to be used in the assembly of an item or packaging.  How these bowl feeders function is to generate a vibration in a spiral shaped bowl with gradually narrowing and down sloping feeding lanes until only one of the subject item is fed out of the output at a time.  There are typically two potential sources for noise propagation – the vibration of the bowl radiating sound outward and the parts hitting each other and the bowl itself.  Another concern is that the vibratory feeder must be watched or tended by an operator and readily accessible to reach in and unblock the feeding function should a pile-up or stoppage occur.

For noise reduction solutions, treating the bowl itself may upset the delicate balance of operation of the feeder bowl.  The noise reduction equipment should block the path of the noise from the bowl feeder to the operator receiving the noise.  The sound control solution should provide easy access to maintain and keep the bowl feeder feeding parts.  Also, an enclosure should have windows on all sides providing the operator unobstructed view of the feeder.

Enclosure Drawing

Vibratory Bowl Feeder Steel Sound Enclosure

The drawings above show two solutions to vibratory bowl feeder noise.

  • A sound curtain enclosure with four sides and an open top and double roller track on all sides allowing panels to “slide” left and right behind one another for maintenance and accessibility.  Clear sound barrier windows on all sides for visual inspection.
  • A modular steel sound enclosure with four sides and a roof.  Doors provide access to the feeder and removable panels provide access for maintenance.  Windows on all sides of the sound enclosure for visual inspection and 2″ or 4″ thick acoustical panels provide superior noise reduction.

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