Transfer Pump Sound Curtain Enclosure

Transfer Pump Sound Enclosure

eNoise Control offers a sound enclosures for your transfer pump.  This is a proven solution for pumps that are not equipped with a “quiet package.”  A sound enclosure allows you to use your pumps in noise sensitive areas.  The frame and panels assemble quickly and are easily broken down for transport.  Many different sizes and configurations are available to meet your needs.  The most common frame size is 8′ x 12′ x 8′ high.  The outdoor sound curtains have grommets for attachment to the metal frame.  They can easily be attached with nylon wire ties for easy access to the pumps.  All components are durable and rugged and designed for long-term use and reuse in harsh outdoor environments.  All enclosures are made to order and you may specify any size.  Enclosures are four sided with an open top (no roof).

Outdoor curtain on frame

Outdoor Sound Curtain on Frame

sound curtain transfer pump

Transfer Pump Sound Enclosure