Sound Rated Windows

Sound Rated windows are an essential part of building design, providing noise reduction to areas as well as visual access. The STC rating is a measure of how well a window can block sound from passing through it. Sound Rated windows are specifically engineered for noise control. These windows are constructed of multiple layers of glass, with each layer having different thicknesses for increased noise control. There are air gaps between the glass panes, absorbing and dispersing sound. Thicker glass and larger air gaps, provide higher STC ratings.

Sound Rated WIndow










Sound rated windows play a critical role in reducing sound transmission between different areas within a building. This is very beneficial in Industrial Sound Enclosures, HR and Secure Rooms, Recording Studios where privacy and noise control are important for the continued operation and purpose of the space. With sound rated windows, they not only provide safety for employees being clear, unobstructed view inside the sound controlled space, outside conversations, meetings, and confidential discussions can be conducted without sound escaping, ensuring confidentiality and a safe environment.

Sound Rated Window Models


Model “HM” Windows

  • Hollow metal design
  • Fixed frame or split frame
  • STC rating from 48 to 64 (higher for triple-glazed)
  • Ballistic/projectile resistant glazing
  • Glazing from 1/4” to 1-3/16” thick
  • Straight or sloped glass design
  • Custom sizes available


Model “U” Windows

  • U” frame design can fit any wall thickness
  • STC rating from 43 to 64
  • Ballistic/projectile resistant glazing
  • Aluminum or rubber glazing channels
  • Suitable for use with modular panel systems or standard construction
  • Custom sizes available

Model "U" Window


  • Ideal for new construction or retrofit applications
  • Easy to install
  • All window units are factory glazed
  • 12 gauge steel frame with 16 gauge stops
  • Fixed frame “HM” or “U” frame designs
  • Split frame (SF) design with the “HM” window available
  • Glazing does not need to be removed to install window units
  • Prime-painted standard finish
  • Guaranteed acoustical performance

Acoustic Performance Table








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