Sound Blocking Methods

Sound Blocking Methods

Noise sources, such as a piece of machinery, benefit from sound blocking techniques and products.  Some new facilities are able to incorporate noise control efforts into design of their buildings.  Unfortunately, many of our clients need to retrofit an existing building and equipment to satisfy OSHA requirements and quiet offending equipment.

chiller HVAC sound barrier wall

Sound Walls

Sound barrier walls are steel structures designed for blocking outdoor noise.  They are aesthetically pleasing and are excellent for large HVAC units, truck loading docks, chillers, transformers, or any other outdoor noise source.  We can help you determine the optimal size and design of your sound wall.

Sound Curtains

Sound curtains are a versatile, modular, and rugged noise control solution.  They are available in both indoor and outdoor grades and both styles are long-lasting and will withstand a typical industrial environment.  Exterior grade curtains are also designed for extreme temperatures, inclement weather, and UV rays.

A sound curtain system can be designed in any configuration to fit your needs.  You can use them to construct a wall, install on a wall, build a sound enclosure, or for portable sound screens.  You can install them to existing support structures in your facility, such as fencing or steel framing, or you can have a system designed with either floor mounted or ceiling mounted track systems.  Track systems are ideal solutions for sound curtains that need to be moved to provide access to equipment.

Noise curtain - construction site fence


 Steel Sound Enclosures

Steel sound enclosures are extremely effective methods of enclosing industrial or mechanical equipment.  While they are typically more expensive than a sound curtain enclosure, they do offer additional features and benefits.

Punch Press Minster Acoustic Steel EnclosureEnclosures are available with the following features:

  • acoustic doors in a number of different configurations
  • windows
  • ventilation
  • removable panels
  • powder coat paint options
  • control panels
  • lighting

Call eNoise Control today for help selecting a noise control solution. We will help you choose an effective sound control method to fit your space and budget.