Sound Blankets for Bridge and Highway Demolition

Sound Blankets for Bridge and Highway Demolition

sound blankets for demolitionIn the coming years, municipalities will spend billions of dollars upgrading, replacing, and building highways, bridges, and rail systems. With this increased investment in infrastructure, the need to control and reduce noise from construction is vital. These ongoing road and overpass redesign projects can use past projects as a guide for noise control. Local municipalities often have noise ordinances that can affect construction projects. With the correct products, these decibel measurements can easily be met, helping to establish a positive relationship with the community.

overpass construction blankets to control noiseConstruction sound blankets are a cost effective solution to mitigating the noise generated with these projects. The quilted blankets are rated for outdoor use and engineered for noise control. They are easy to install while also creating an excellent barrier between the demolition site and residential and commercial neighbors. In addition to blocking the noise, they also create a visual barrier. These construction grade sound blankets are especially important to use in busy metropolitan areas where construction is occurring during nighttime hours. Local noise ordinances have even stricter limits on the amount of noise permitted at night.

Sound Blanket Specifications

  • bridge demolition noise blocking curtainsWe manufacture temporary sound blankets in widths of 48″ or 54″ and cut them to height per the application.
  • 1 pound per square foot reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier with a 2″ thick quilted fiberglass absorber
  • Grommets at the top, middle, and bottom of the panels
  • The vertical edges have an exterior grade Velcro seal with a 2″ overlap between panels.  This allows for a good acoustical seal.


eNoise Control has years of experience helping clients with noise mitigation for outdoor construction projects. Call us today to discuss noise control solutions for your demolition and construction project. We can help you quickly get the product you need for your project.