Sound Blanket Construction Fence Barrier

Sound Blanket Construction Fence Barrier – Temporary and Portable

Construction sites in densely populated cities or near residential neighborhoods typically require some form of construction sound barrier to block the construction noise of heavy equipment.  Many of these barriers need to be between 8 and 20 feet high to effectively block the noise.  Additionally, the construction barrier will be under a wind load and the fence will act like a sail, which could cause property damage or personal injury if it were to fall.  The options to avoid this are a semi-permanent chain link or hurricane fence with concrete footings.

Another option is temporary and portable using jersey or highway barriers with the chain link or hurricane fence atop the concrete barrier and a sound barrier curtain attached the the fence.  This type of fencing is typically available for rent in most major cities.

temporary sound barrier drawing   fence on jersey barrier

If the temporary sound blanket construction fence barrier needs to be 15-20 feet high, a double highway or jersey barrier structure can be constructed.

double jersey wall curtain drawingdouble jersey wall sound curtain

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