Sound Barrier Wall Helps Data Center Lower Noise Exposure

Sound Barrier Wall Helps Data Center Lower Noise Exposure

data center noise containmentA data center for a large cable provider installed several wall-mounted air conditioning units to help cool the servers.  The air conditioning units produced high noise levels from the fans and compressors.  Neighboring condo owners complained about the annoying HVAC noise.  They were able to hear the units from their properties and a common complaint was that the noise kept them awake at night.

The owner’s representative contacted eNoise Control for assistance assessing the noise level.  Afterwards, we provided recommendations for lowering the noise at the property line.

The first step was to take sound level readings to confirm the decibel levels near the HVAC equipment and the decibel levels at the property line.  The levels were confirmed to be elevated and eNoise recommended installing a sound absorptive barrier wall.

The sound wall stood off the fan intake to allow enough air flow to the units.  The barrier wall was then designed high enough to lower the noise level by over 75%, resulting in a 15 decibel reduction.  Because the solution was a wall and not an enclosure, access to the units and structure was uninhibited.

outsider-barrier-wallAdditionally, the municipality had rules regarding the appearance of new structures.  We provided an attractive and effective solution to limit the noise to the neighboring community.

Features of the sound wall included

  • 4″ acoustic steel panels
  • High STC and NRC ratings
  • Painted to blend into neighboring surroundings
  • High level of decibel reduction
  • Modular and easy to install

generator-barrier-wallThe steel noise barrier wall contained both the air conditioning units and a backup power generator.  The Kohler generator and CAT generator only run during testing and in case of power failure.  The sound containment for the generators was also a design factor to reduce decibels using the sound wall.

Have a similar application?  Call eNoise Control to address your data center noise containment problem.