Soil Remediation System Sound Reduction

Soil Remediation System Sound Reduction

Soil remediation involves the removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental media, or soil.  There are several processes to remove the pollutants that are in use today.  Much of the equipment involved in contaminant extraction are noisy and bothersome, such as pumps, fans, PD blowers, vacuum pumps, and compressors.  If there are residential neighborhoods located close to the extraction site, there is a high probability of encountering a noise or sound control issue.

soil remediation noise mitigation

eNoise Control is committed to helping clients determine the best solution for their specifications and budget.  A variety and combination of products and techniques can be employed to effective manage noise from soil remediation systems.

One way to limit the noise is to enclose the equipment with a sound control building or enclosure.  Typically this enclosure is constructed of modular steel panels that are 4″ thick.  These panels have a solid outer layer, perforated inner layer, and are filled with an acoustical absorber.  Due to the motors and potential heat build-up inside the enclosure, we often recommend some type of silenced ventilation package.  This can include acoustic louvers, acoustic silencers, or roof ventilation baffles.  This type of sound enclosure can provide a reduction of up to 30 dBA.

soil remediation enclosure drawing