Roof Top Condenser Sound Barrier Wall

Rooftop Condensing Unit Sound Barrier Wall

A General Contractor contacted eNoise Control looking for a way to reduce the noise of a chiller located on a roof.  Outdoor chiller noise is one of our most common applications.  There are several potential solutions for this type of noise problem.

Suggested Solutions

  • Steel sound barrier walls
  • Removable compressor blankets
  • Fan silencers
  • Outdoor sound curtains

The General Contractor in this case decided to go with the steel sound barrier wall panels.  The panels are connected together with a tongue and grove connection and rigidly held in place with self-drilling sheet metal screws.  Panels feature an acoustic grade fill that is inert, mildew-resistant, vermin-proof, and incombustible.

Steel Sound Barrier Wall Specifications

  • Model ST4000
  • Fabricated 4″ thick
  • Exterior shell – type G90 16-gauge solid galvanized steel
  • Interior shell – 22-gauge perforated galvanized steel

We supplied the powder coated acoustical panels and the general contractor installed them on a structural support that they built.  They attached their structural support to the existing dunnage supporting the chiller and avoided making new roof penetrations.

Roof-top Chiller without Noise Control RTU Chiller with support frameComplete Sound Barrier Wall around Roof top Chiller Unit Roof-top Condenser Sound Barrier Wall System