Restaurant Noise Reduction

Restaurant Noise Reduction

Do you remember the last time you were in a noisy restaurant or bar?  Did it affect your opinion of the business?  It is easy to see how noise can make it difficult for customers to hear conversations and communicate with wait staff.  Business owners are eager to find restaurant noise reduction techniques to make sure that their customers have a good experience and keep coming back.  This is a common problem that can be addressed by adding acoustic absorption to the space.  Restaurant and bar owners often want sound absorption that is hidden without interfering with the decor.

ceiling foamWe are going to focus this article on restaurant noise reduction products that are hidden from view.  The top product for this is charcoal black acoustic foam.  This product easily attaches to the ceiling with construction adhesive or stick pins.  Arranged evenly across a flat black ceiling surface or mounted between open bar joists, the acoustic foam disappears into the background above the lights.  The space looks the same but now experiences a reduction in reverberated noise and dramatically reduced sound levels.

Acoustic foam panels come in standard sizes of 2′ x 4′ or 4′ x 4′.  Face style options are flat, convoluted (eggcrate), and pyramid.  Different thicknesses are available to meet your acoustic and budget requirements.  The most common thickness is 2″, but 1″ to 4″ is available.  eNoise Control can come to your business and measure the noise.  This reverberation time analysis of your space helps determine the optimum amount of sound absorption to add to your space.

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