Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Fan – Hood Noise

Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Fan – Hood Noise

Resturant kitchen exhaust hoodNoisy rooftop restaurant exhaust hoods are a common sight in many densely populated downtown areas.  Sometimes they are located on the side of the building.  These fans take the smoke, grease, and kitchen grill odors and expel them into the atmosphere via ducts.  The fans are typically an up-blast mushroom style fan with belt or direct drive motor.  These fans pose several problems when noise is an issue.

For noise control in most ducts, an acoustic silencer is the best solution.  However, because kitchen grease is present in the exhaust air, this grease can build up in the silencer and cause a fire hazard.  In this situation, a different noise mitigation solution is needed.

The solution is an outdoor sound curtain barrier wall.  Our Model UNC-XT-2″ outdoor sound curtains are an excellent fit for this application.  The panels are 54″ wide and factory cut to height per project specifications.  Constructed of a 1 pound per square foot reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier and a 2″ thick 10 ounce Vinyl Coated Polyester faced quilted fiberglass absorber.  The edges are bound with gore tenera thread and include mating external grade velcro on the vertical edges.  Grommets on the top and bottom edges of the panels allow for easy installation.  The curtains are typically attached to a steel support structure.  Panels are cleanable, weatherproof, and UV resistant.

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