Power Plant Duct and Scrubber Noise

Power Plant Duct and Scrubber Noise

Power Plant Galv. Panels1

Power Plant Panels

A power plant located on a large river installed an exhaust stack scrubber, ID Fran, and Pant Leg Duct.  After installing the equipment, they received complaints about loud noise across the river.  The company contacted eNoise Control for assistance in reducing the noise from the new scrubber.  A structural steel support frame was already in place to support the duct, so we proposed installing modular acoustical panels.  The panels were attached to the existing structural support.

Modular acoustic steel panels are fabricated 4″ thick with 16-gage solid galvanized steel, type G90 exterior shell, and 22-gage perforated galvanized steel interior shell.  The panels were connected with a tongue and groove connection and held together with self-drilling sheet metal screws.  These panels include an inert sound absorbing material that is resistant to mildew, vermin proof, and incombustible.

Power Plant Galv. Panels

Power Plant Galvanized Panels

Power Plant Galv. Panels2

Galvanized Panels Power Plant

The modular sound barrier panels were installed at the power plant with vertical panel joints in channels on the top and bottom.  The sound barrier enclosed the large duct pant legs, blocking the noise emanating from the previously exposed surface.  Sound level readings taken in the near and far field recorded significant sound reductions.

steel panel installation