Plastic Grinder Room Noise

Plastic Grinder Room Noise

A client contacted us about their plastic grinder room with sound levels about the OSHA threshold.  They needed a solution to reduce the sound from exiting the plastic grinder rooms.  Below are drawings of their grinder rooms as viewed from the side and top.

Plastic Grinder Room Diagram

We recommended lining the plastic grinder rooms with Model UNC-25 sound curtains.  This material features a 1 lb. per square foot mass loaded vinyl sound barrier septum with fiberglass reinforced vinyl facing with diamond stitching and a 1 inch thick fiberglass absorber on both sides.  All edges of the sound panels were bound and factory sewn with grommets across the top of each panel.  Mating Velcro on the vertical edges allowed for a 2 inch overlap to form a wall and a good acoustic seal.  Below is the sound curtain drawing provided to the customer prior to fabrication.

grinder room curtain drawing

Plastic Grinder Room Curtain Drawing


Plastic Grinder Room Noise Curtains

Client Testimonial:

“Thanks for the sound curtains.  I got them up in time.  And they really work well on the doors as I envisioned.”

Plant Engineer
ITW Plastic Packaging