Pickleball Noise Reduction – Common Questions

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eNoise Control has been working on Pickleball Noise Project for the past 8 years and the sport has really grown in popularity as well as the demand for noise control.   eNoise Control have been the providing outdoor sound blankets to be attached to existing or new chain link or hurricane fencing with much success on the controlling of pickleball noise.

  • What is the expected durability and longevity for permanent installations?

10+ years outdoors continuously

  • What are fencing suggestions to support the weight and wind loading?

We provide the sound curtains only.  We do not provide engineering or support structure, so we cannot comment on foundations, fence construction or wind loading. I can show you photos of how the curtains were installed in the past.

  • What is the typical installation time and manpower?

We supply the sound curtains only.  We do not provide installation services, so we cannot comment on any subject regarding the installation of the sound curtains.

  • Can you give examples of pickleball specific applications that eNoiseControl has implemented?

We have provided the follow sound blankets for pickleball noise application. Bonita Bay sent us an email stating a 14 dBA reduction for a 11’-6” high barrier which is typical sound reduction for an absorptive barrier wall application.

Bonita Bay
Pelican Bay
Mark Lane Pickleball Courts in Bergen County NJ
Bears Paw CC
The Riviera Country Club in LA
The Tradition Golf Club in La Quinta, CA
Carolina Park
Seven Oaks

  • How does your sound performance compare to Acoustifence?

The Acoustifence website does not provide any sound testing data, data sheet or third octave band sound data on the product.  See our attached data sheet.  Acoustifence is essentially an 1/8” thick, 1 lb. per sq ft reinforced mass loaded vinyl barrier  (STC 28). Our product is an 1/8” thick, 1 lb. per sq ft reinforced mass loaded vinyl barrier bonded to a 1” thick acoustical absorber with an exterior grade facing – Barrier/absorber composite with an STC 29  and an NRC 0.65.

The difference is Acoustifence is reflective and ours is absorptive, so you do not get the reflected noise reverberating off the material surface.  The sound is absorbed and not reflected back, thus lowering the sound within the enclosed space.


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