Architectural Church Wall Panels

Architectural Church Wall Panels

A multi-location church contacted eNoise Control for assistance with a new church building. The church had partnered with an acoustical consultant and an interior designer to plan their new space. The acoustical consultant specified the amount of acoustical absorption to add to the space. The consultant also designated the placement and coverage needed on each wall for optimal acoustics. The interior designer created an acoustical panel design that was visually pleasing and provided the church with a unique architectural look. The designer also selected the wall panel fabric choices and colors for each panel. The architectural church wall panels are also called fabric wrapped acoustical wall panels.


Fabric Wrapped Architectural Church Wall Panels

eNoise Control fabricated the panels to the meet the specifications of the acoustical consultants and interior designers. Our firm also provided installation of the finished product. The design and fabric colors were visually exceptional and drew huge praise from the congregation. The superior room acoustics of the church were evident when the choir sang and the band played during services.



Call eNoise Control for acoustic materials for your church space. Planning for the right acoustics is easiest during the design process. We can help you stop unwanted noise before it starts or meet the acoustic specifications of your consultant and designer. Panels are available in a variety of fabric options and many colors.