Industrial Noise Control Best Techniques

Industrial Noise Control Best Techniques

eNoise Control specializes in in-plant industrial and environmental (outdoor property line) noise control and noise evaluation work. We provide a variety of noise control products and acoustical consulting services. In this article, we will present several industrial noise control best techniques to help your facility.

Governmental organizations are often a good resource for noise control and safety guidelines. This handbook produced by a European governmental organization presents ten simple noise control techniques for industrial noise.

Industrial Applications

  • sample technique for industrial noise controlChutes and hoppers
  • Axial or centrifugal fans
  • Ductwork
  • Pneumatic exhausts and nozzles
  • Vibration
  • Electric motors

Sample Solutions

  • Damping material
  • Reducing fan speed
  • High efficiency units and attachments
  • Installation best practices

This document will help your industrial safety, engineering, maintenance, and facilities department lower noise exposure to loud equipment inside your plant. Treating the noise at the source is an effective solution for your mitigation needs. If you follow the techniques laid out in this manual, you may minimize the need for additional noise control solutions and products.

If you need assistance employing any of these solutions or have another noise control problem, call eNoise Control. Our experienced staff can help you reach your noise control goals with your industrial application.