In-Plant Industrial Quilted Sound Blanket Enclosures

In-Plant Industrial Quilted Sound Blanket Enclosures

Industrial Sound In-Plant Enclosures are available in Complete or Partial enclosures.  Our Noise Enclosures can be floor mounted, ceiling mounted, wall mounted, or suspended from a roof deck.  When using a complete four-sided enclosure with a roof, the noise reduction can exceed 15 dB(A) while still offering access, visibility and ventilation. In-Plant Enclosure for Noise Control

Typical design process for a sound blanket enclosure starts with reviewing the features of where the equipment is located.  Is it in a corner, against a wall our in the middle of the floor?  This will determine if we can use the wall as a side or sides of the sound enclosure.   Next is how high is the ceiling in that area?  Is it practical to ceiling mount the enclosure or would floor mounting with columns and base plate be better?

What kind of access and clearance do you need around the equipment?  Is it being accessed daily or every month?  We can provide double track suspended quilted sound blanket to provide access to one or all sides of the enclosure.  This lets you save floor space by keeping the inside clearance to a minimum because you do not need to add space inside the enclosure for someone to walk around.

Is there a motor? Will it require cooling air? We can incorporate side and roof top ventilation baffles to facilitate airflow through the enclosure and prevent heat buildup.

Are there gauges or readout on the equipment that need to be checked?  We can put sound barrier clear vinyl windows in the enclosure for viewing without having to opening the enclosure.    Sound Enclosure with Top Ventilation

What are your sound reduction goals?  We can design the enclosures to any configuration with a roof or open top and use a combination of different weight and thicknesses of material to create an assembly to meet and exceed your noise reduction goals.


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