How to Quiet a Noisy Positive Displacement Blower

How to Quiet a Noisy Positive Displacement Blower

PD Blowers are very efficient at moving raw material inside a manufacturing plant.  This equipment is used for vacuuming and conveying chips, plastic, fly ash, gas, etc.  Positive Displacement blowers are also notoriously very noisy.  They cause excessive noise exposure to plant personnel.  Twin lobe models typically have higher noise levels than tri-lobe versions.

eNoise Control has worked with plant safety personnel, facilities, and maintenance to help lower noise exposure from PD blower applications.

sound blanket partition to quiet noisy positive displacement blower

Sound Blanket partition for PD Blower

We can provide full steel noise enclosures or sound blanket partitions to help contain, abate, and lower the noise levels from the blower.  We have experience with many makes and models such as Roots, Sutorbilt, and Gardner Denver.  A quilted noise partition is a good way to lower noise exposure for employees in the far field of the noise.  Up to 50% reduction of decibels is possible with this technique.  If the client wishes for more aggressive noise control (over 50%), we can supply our full sound enclosure option to help contain high noise levels.


eNoise Control also has experience with solutions for outdoor PD blower noise. Call or e-mail eNoise Control to discuss your PD Blower noise abatement project.