Gas Compressor Building Sound Blankets

Gas Compressor Building Sound Blankets

compressor-building-exteriorIt is becoming increasingly popular to enclose a gas compressor in a metal building with corrugated light gage steel panels. These buildings can get very noisy inside and out. One solution to the noise issue is to line the inside of the building with acoustical sound blankets. Covering the walls, doors, and even the ceiling of these steel buildings with sound blankets adds a layer or sound absorption. In addition, it also serves as a barrier to prevent noise from escaping and becoming a nuisance to the neighbors.

compressor building sound blankets interiorThe quilted sound blankets are 48″ wide and cut to heigh to fit the walls of the building. Grommets across the top of the blankets provide easy suspension. Mating velcro strips sewn to the vertical edges create a good acoustic seal. The facing of the blankets is a diamond stitched 10 ounce per square yard vinyl coated polyester and the blankets are filled with an acoustical grade fiberglass fill. The blankets easily attach with screws and large washers through the grommets.

The concept of adding sound blankets to the inside wall of a metal building is that the blankets will add mass to the walls of the building and mass blocks noise. The blankets also provide acoustical absorption. This will greatly reduce noise reverberation generated by the sound reflecting off the hard surfaces of the walls and ceiling.


A noise source with a sound level of 90 dB is enclosed in a sheet metal enclosure having an insertion loss of 20 dB. The sound within the enclosure would increase to 100 dB (see Figure 15). The sound level outside of the enclosure would be 80 dB instead of the expected 70 dB. By adding sound blankets to the inside of the building, the sound levels will not increase inside the enclosure. You will achieve the 20 dB reduction and it will measure 70 dB outside of the enclosure (see Figure 16).


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