Fold Away Sound Blocking Room Divider

Fold Away Sound Blocking Room Divider

Often, an organization, church, or school has a large room they are using for several activities at the same time.  If one activity is louder or noisier than the other, the user experience is lower.  Gym curtains provide a good visual barrier, but do little for the sound.  Rigid folding wall partitions are effective at noise control, but are typically cost prohibitive.  eNoise Control offers a sound curtain solution with a swivel and stack configuration.

Sound Curtain Partition DrawingSound Curtain Model UNC-25 curtain panels are 48″ wide and factory cut to height specifications per the application requirements.  Panels are constructed of a vinyl noise barrier and a vinyl faced fiberglass absorber on both sides.  Grommets on the top edges of the panel allow for suspension and mating velcro on the vertical edges allow for panels to easily attach to one another form a wall.  A roller track and four wheel steel roller and channel support allow the panels to swivel on the roller and lay flat against the wall when not in use.

When the sound curtains are closed with the velcro sealed, the room divider provides a high level of noise control from one side of the divider to the other, but still offers the flexibility of being able to slide and stack the room divider to one side and use the full open space.

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Curtain Track Detail