Cyclone Noise Reduction

Cyclone Noise Reduction

Cyclones are used in many industries for the collection of small particles.  Industries such as plastics, paper, woodworking, and furniture manufacturing utilize cyclones for dust collection and material reclamation.  Because of the high airflow, loud noise is generated from the inlet fan and the exhaust.  Noise complaints can also arise from the sound of the particles striking the cyclone wall and corresponding ductwork if the unit is located in a noise sensitive area.

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A cyclone system is a means of transporting and neatly collecting particles.  Typically, there is some type of ductwork and motor driven fan pulling the articles through the fan and pushing these particles to the top of the cyclone.  The swirling air in the cyclone allows the heavier particles to drop into a collection bin at the bottom and the inlet air is exhausted out of the top into the atmosphere or into a closed loop duct system.

There are several noise generation items in this system:

  • Open exhaust air outlet
  • Fan and motor
  • Larger particles striking the ductwork
  • Larger particles striking the cyclone interior

Noise control solutions vary depending on which noise source one is trying to dampen.


An acoustical silencer can help with systems experiencing noise from the open exhaust outlet.  The silencer would be sized per the system CFM and the duct size.

Sound Enclosure

A sound enclosure made of modular steel panels or sound curtains are a good solution for noise control of the fan.  Both of these options can be manufactured for indoor or outdoor applications.  These enclosures can be outfitted with silenced ventilation packages per the fan horsepower.

Acoustic Duct Lagging

The exposed ducting and cyclone can be wrapped with acoustic duct lagging or a sound curtain barrier panel to greatly reduce break out noise from the particles striking the walls of the duct and cyclone.  These noise control items can be attacked with stick pin fasteners or banding and tape.  This type of material can be purchased in rolls and cut on-site to fit your needs.

Call eNoise Control to discuss your cyclone dust collection noise issues.  We can help you determine the best solution for you.