Custom Designed Sound Blanket Insulation PD Blower Package

Custom Designed Sound Blanket Insulation PD Blower Package

pd-blower-blanket-insulationPositive Displacement Blowers have many noisy parts. To properly contain the noise from these machines, it is important to address all of the noise sources. eNoise Control manufactures and supplies custom designed sound blanket insulation for PD Blowers. Coverage is available for the parts below.

  • Inlet silencers
  • Coupling and flex to fan housing
  • Fan housing
  • Coupling and flex from fan housing
  • Discharge silencers
  • Belt Guard

It is common to have a design site visit to accurately measure the components of the PD Blower. The typical estimated acoustical performance with the sound blankets is a reduction of 6-8 dBA.

Blanket Construction

Sound Blanket insulation panels are 1.5″ thick blanket material. The blanket material has a 2.5 lb/sf finished surface mass. All panels feature double sewn construction with binding. The standard fastener is stainless steel wire with 2.5″ velcro vinyl flaps.

eNoise Control custom sound blankets are easy to install. The panels also allow for easy removal to provide maintenance access to the equipment. Sound blankets are a good solution for noise reduction. The material is very durable and can withstand most industrial conditions.

Additional Options

  • Double layer septum: Adding mass means a potentially higher sound reduction
  • Installation of blankets
  • Before and after sound level readings

Call eNoise Control for assistance with your PD Blower blanket insulation. We can provide a custom solution for any of your noise machinery problems.