Church Multi-Purpose Room Sound Reduction

Church Multi-Purpose Room Sound Reduction – A Case Study

A Catholic Archidocese contacted us looking for fabric wrapped acoustical wall panels.  They were having guest speakers in a large space and the acoustics were not very good.  They had been in contact with an acoustical consultant who recommended the material type, thickness, and coverage for the Acoustical Wall Panels.  We covered the entire back of the stage area and the open area portion of the back wall.  The multi-purpose room had many hard sound reflective surfaces created a condition for echo, garbled speech, and difficulty hearing and understandi
ng the speakers.

The fabric wrapped acoustical panels were 2 inch thick fiberglass 6-7 pounds per cubic foot with resin hardened square edges and covered in a Guilford of Maine FR701 Series 2100 fabric.  The panels were mounted to the wall with two-part clips so that they are easily removable for cleaning.

The Archdiocese was very happy with the performance, quality, and look of the installed acoustical panels.  Contact eNoise Control for help with your church gymnasium or multi-purpose room.

Church Multi-Purpose Room Sound Reduction

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