Cell Tower Noise Reduction

Cell Tower Noise Reduction

Cell Tower Noise ReductionIn the age of the smart phone, cell towers are popping up everywhere, and not just in rural or industrial areas.  Many times they are forced to locate them in highly populated areas.  A cell tower site typically consists of antennae and one or more sets of transmitter/receiver transceivers, digital signal processors, control electronics, a GPS receiver, and primary and back-up electrical power sources.  The area is typically surrounded by a chain link fence for security.  The main noise sources in this site are the primary and back-up electrical power sources.  These are typically housed in some type of shelter or enclosure.

In rural or industrial areas, the noise created is not a problem.  When the sites are located near a neighborhood or residential area, the generated sound can become a problem for residents.

eNoise Control has had success treating these sites with Outdoor Sound Curtains.  These are a long-term noise control solution for cell site noise.  The panels feature an exterior grade facing that is resistant to inclement weather, extreme temperatures, and UV rays.  The panels are typically mounted to the existing chain link fence, used as door panels, or to line the interior of the existing shelter.

Outdoor Curtain Panel Construction

These outdoor panels feature a heavy-duty faced quilted fiberglass absorber bonded to a one-pound per square foot reinforced mass loaded vinyl barrier.  The facing is a 10 ounce per square yard vinyl coated polyester rather than the standard 4 ounce facing used for interior applications.  Grommets and exterior grade velcro is available for installation and panel mating.  The standard width of these panels is 54″.

cell tower site outdoor curtains

Cell Tower Site with Outdoor Curtains


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