York Air Cooled Chiller Compressor Sound Blankets

York Chiller Compressor Models: YCAL, YCAV, YCAS

eNoise can help suppress loud York family of “YCA-“ Air Cooled Chillers using our removable sound blanket jacketing system.

In this application a York chiller was installed in a mechanical courtyard surrounded with brick walls, buildings and a parking garage.  The chiller was needed to service a preforming art building and an outdoor Ice skating rink.  The mechanical yard was out of space and the large chiller would not fit, so they decided to erect a 15’ high mezzanine over the existing equipment and mount the chiller on top.  This allowed the sound from the compressors and piping to reverberate to all sides of the mechanical yard.

York Chiller Sound Blanket

The tenants in the neighboring building complained about the noise at their property line and several articles were written in the local paper about the high-profile situation.  eNoise Control was brought in by the acoustical consultant to supply sound blankets for the chiller’s compressors, piping and oil separators.  eNoise Control measured the chiller unit for the proper fit of the sound proofing blankets, fabricated and installed the blankets on the elevated condensing unit.

York Chiller Sound Blanket

The removable attenuation blankets are constructed of 1.5” thick blanket (2.5 lbs./.sf finished surface mass) with standard fasteners of stainless steel wire and  2.5” Velcro vinyl flaps all seams are double sewn blanket and custom fit to match surface geometry utilizing CAD design and CNC to cut patterns.   These high-end acoustic, soundproof blankets are extremely durable and will provide many years of continuous use.



Acoustic sound measurements were conducted post installation with sound reductions goals achieved for the project.

York Rooftop Air Chiller

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