Temporary Outdoor Construction Sound Control

Temporary Outdoor Construction Sound Control

geothermal-construction-siteAn east coast university was installing a campus-wide Geothermal system and had concerns about the noise. The construction process involved noisy horizontal drilling. The university hired an acoustical consultant who specified temporary outdoor sound blankets for a solution. The specification included material meeting the following criteria:

  • STC 32 (Sound Transmission Class)
  • NRC 0.85 (Noise Reduction Coefficient)
  • 1 lb PSF reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier
  • 2″ thick vinyl faced quilted fiberglass absorber
  • Grommets along top and bottom of each panel
  • Exterior grade Velcro on vertical mating edges
  • 54″ wide x 15′ high

temporary outdoor construction sound control blanketsThe dimensions of the blankets allowed for easier handling and installation while still providing sufficient height to block the unwanted drilling and construction noise. The temporary outdoor sound blankets covered an area that was 770 feet long and 15 feet high. The blankets attached to a structure for support that was designed to withstand the local wind load.

Because these blankets were purchased for a temporary outdoor project, they are easily movable and reusable. When the project is completed, the blankets can easily be removed from the structure and folded for storage until more noise control is needed.

eNoise Control provided the specified product for this project. Call eNoise Control to discuss your construction and drilling noise application. We can meet any specifications from your consultant or help you choose the best material for your needs.