Steel Outdoor PD Blower Barrier Wall

Outdoor PD Blower Barrier Wall


outdoor-pd-blowerA hardwood processor contacted eNoise Control after receiving complaints from neighbors. The client was using an outdoor PD blower to transport material for a cyclone duct collector. They did not want to fully enclose the unit and the space was limited with other equipment in the area.


eNoise Control proposed a steel sound barrier wall. The wall design featured a two-sided “L” configuration that blocked the line of sight of the neighbor’s residence. The outdoor barrier wall system was constructed of steel acoustical panels. The outside dimensions of the modular steel panel sound barrier wall for this project were 11′ x 8′ x 7′.

Panel Specifications

  • 4″ thick with 16-gauge solid galvanized steel
  • Type G90 exterior shell
  • 22-gauge perforated galvanized steel interior shell
  • Tongue and groove connections
  • Held together with self-drilling sheet metal screws

The panels include a sound absorbing material that is inert, mildew resistant, vermin proof, and incombustible. The support structure consists of structural steel columns engineered by eNoise Control. The structural steel is designed base plate up and is supplied for support as required. All columns and base plates are supplied as factory welded assemblies and factory prime painted. The system is designed to bolt together with factory drilled holes and bolts, washers, and nuts supplied by eNoise Control. This includes all trim and fasteners as required. A complete AutoCAD submittal drawing is provided to the customer prior to manufacture. Steel barrier walls include piece-marked installation drawings and instructions.

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