Sound Deadening

Sound Deadening

Sound deadening is the process of reducing or lowering unwanted noise from a sound source – deadening the noise.  Sound deadening can take on many different noise control techniques.  Sound dampening typically involves changing the properties of a metal skinned machine casing to help change the “ringing” properties of the outer shell of a noisy piece of HVAC equipment.

Deadening sound can also involve adding sound absorption material to the inside of a space.

Auditoriums, swimming pools, gymnasiums, and church halls are all reverberant sound spaces that could be treated with sound absorption or deadening material.  Engineered noise control products such as fabric wrapped wall panels, sound baffles, and banners have all been used to reduce the echo inside gyms and multi-purpose rooms.

Noisy roof top HVAC units can be intrusive to neighbors and neighboring property lines.  If your industrial plant, outdoor chiller, roof top HVAC unit si causing noise to your neighbors, we recommend calling us to discuss your sound reduction project.  Fans and compressors of these HVAC units could use sound deadening blankets to wrap and control this compressor noise.

We can assist your next noise control project with abatement and sound dampening products.