Kinetics Isomax Sound Isolation Clip 

Kinetics Model Isomax resilient sound isolation clip is a perfect solution for highly effective sound control at lowest installed cost.

Isolated wall assembly and isolated ceiling systems are a popular method for mitigating noise problems, and Iso-max clips effectively and economically control noise transmission. Kinetics Isomax easily attaches to ceiling joists, wall studs, or masonry to secure the drywall fur channel, making it ideal for common walls, demising walls, or “party” walls in condominiums, apartments, lofts and multi-family units.

Iso-max clips have been tested to exceed the UBC code of STC 50 (sound transmission class) and an IIC of 50 (impact insulation class) greatly reducing the sound transmission from one occupied space to another.

Isomax Clip

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Isomax Clip

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