Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels

Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels are an aesthetically pleasing solution to your reverberant noise problems. Also known as acoustical wall panels or acoustical clouds, these panels are typically 1" - 2" thick with a square or contoured chemically hardened edge and wrapped with a fire retardant fabric. The panels are mechanically hung on walls or ceilings in patterns or groupings that add to the rooms' overall architecture. Commonly used in churches, schools, multi-purpose rooms, music rooms, auditoriums, and theatres to reduce the reverberation in large spaces and improve room acoustics for the ease of listening to speech and music.  Please contact us for more information.

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Fabric wrapped acoustic panels1

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A variety of decorator fabrics are available. The standard is Guilford of Maine FR701 Style 2100. Other factory approved fabrics include Deepa Textiles, Design Tex, Wolf Gordon, Momentum and Knoll. Customer specified fabrics can be applied if it meets the manufacturing requirements.

            Mounting Options

Wall Panel Mounting Options

Fabric wrapped acoustic panels2 


 NRC Rating

  1/2"                              0.50 - 0.60
  1"                                  0.80 - 0.90
  1-1/2"                          0.90 - 1.00
  2"                                  1.05 - 1.15

Fire Rating

All components have a Class A/1 fire rating per ASTM E-84

Edge DetailWall Panel Edge Details