Genset Silencers & Louvers

eNoise Control offers an engineered solution for Airflow Genset Noise. Acoustical silencers constructed of galvanized solid and perforated steel with acoustical fill custom designed and fabricated to meet your application and noise control requirements.

  • Sound reduction of 5 – 40+ dBA
  • Silencers designed from Genset’s required CFM & available pressure loss
  • Flexible design to fit silencers into available space
  • Class A (or 1) flammability rated per ASTM E84

Noisy Genset motors and radiators require airflow for cooling. How do you enclose the generator for noise control and still provide sufficient airflow for cooling the genet and reduce noise concurrently?

The application of acoustical silencers and louvers offers superior noise reduction while accommodating the specified CFM for motor and radiator cooling of the generator. This frees you from expensive remote cooling applications. The silencers can be provided with a modular sound enclosure or fitted to a new or existing housing.