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eNoise Control offers our re-usable, modular noise control system for your rental outdoor by-pass pump noise control needs. Customers with outdoor property line noise control concerns have turned to our Modular Sound Control, or MSC System, to help them achieve high noise reduction and decibel specification requirements. Our system comes complete with modular steel support frame and modular, removable outdoor rated sound curtains. A roof with sound control vents is offered as option.
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Our system has been used by several rental services offering such items as:

• diesel driven outdoor bypass pumps
• “trash pumps”
• portable generators
• portable power systems
• compressors
• other outdoor noisy service machines

Our MSC system can be shipped in knocked-down pre-packaged skids. Field assembly takes minutes with our completely modular system. Modular sizes can be ordered to create your size requirements.

Typical Sound Curtain Enclosure 

Outdoor sound curtain enclosure           Outdoor sound curtain enclosure layout