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eNoise Control offers a proven engineered solution for Outdoor Condenser Noise. An outdoor sound curtain enclosure constructed of Model UNC-XT-1 Sound Curtain panels and a support frame custom designed and fabricated to meet your application requirements.
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Sound reduction of 12 18 dBA
Silenced passive or forced air ventilation available
Easy access to the equipment
Enclosure easily installed and moved with equipment
Class A (or 1) flammability rated per ASTM E84
Compressor and fan noise emanating from an outdoor condenser typically located adjacent to an exterior wall. The noise levels are compounded by the sound reflecting off this wall. Noise levels become unacceptable in the spring and fall especially when neighbors have windows open and it is warm enough for the condensers to start up.
Outdoor condenser1
A outdoor sound curtain enclosure of surrounding the air compressor. Typically two, three, or four sided enclosure of sufficient height with an open top silenced ventilation options (depending on the application).

ASTM E-90 & E 413                                        Sound Transmission Loss


Product 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 STC
UNC-XT-1 11 16 24 30 35 30 27


ASTM C 423                                                   Sound Absorption Data


Product 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
UNC-XT-1 .12 .47 .85 .84 .64 .62 .70