Condenser Noise Control - Case Study

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Outdoor roof mounted condenser units are loud fan powered cooling units typically found on commercial buildings including grocery stores, malls, office high rise, condominium, process plants, and wherever HVAC cooling requirements are needed in a building. This case study involved several condenser units located on a roof at grocery store located near condominiums. The patrons of the condo requested sound insulation and attenuation of the noisy condenser units.
eNoise Control performed an acoustic consultant evaluation of the noise problem. We determined high levels of noise associated with the discharge fans of the condenser roof top units. Our solution was to install a bank of discharge acoustic silencers over the condenser fans. We engineered a low pressure loss and high attenuation noise control technology with our silencer devices. The silencer devices performed as sound proofing technology to quiet down the noisy HVAC roof top units.

Silencer Bank for Outdoor Condenser Fan

Outdoor Condenser Fan Noise Remediation

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Outdoor Condenser Fan Condenser Fan with Silencers

Before Sound Control

After Sound Control Devices