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Sound or noise blocking is the process of stopping sound from traveling from one area to another.  Using acoustical materials to attenuate sound is simple in theory, but can get complicated very quickly given the pressure of meeting and exceeding specified sound reduction levels involving multiple noise sources and equipment, multiple sound reverberation surfaces and differing environmental conditions.  Mass or weight is the key to blocking noise or noise containment.  Adding acoustical absorption to the noise source side of the sound blocking barrier will provide a superior noise reduction material.

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Chiller sound blocking wall 

Some things to consider when designing a noise blocking system with soundproofing products are;  height of the noise source, how close to the noise source can you put the noise reduction materials, what is the distance from the sound source to the noise receiver, what is the current sound level of the noise maker, and what is your sound isolation goal.  All these factors must be considered before installing a noise mitigation system for blocking sound.

Good acoustical materials for blocking sound are concrete, steel, wood, or any material that has mass of has significant weight such as drywall, plywood, concrete block, sheet steel, mass loaded vinyl, and lead.

For any noise control application there are typically a list of constraints that need to be met;  What is the accessibility to the inside of the sound enclosure, how much airflow is needed for cooling the equipment within the noise containment system, do I need a roof to meet my attenuation goal, if a roof is required - what are the requirements for fire suppression and lighting?

Noise control applications can seem very complicated as has been described.  Let Unger Technologies assist you in answering these and other questions you many have concerning your noise control problem and work with you to design a solution to meet your goals.  Please call or email eNoise Control to discuss your noise control project.

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