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Acoustical solutions is the concept of offering functional design in conjunction with quality materials to remedy problems involving noise and/or poor acoustics.  Providing successful acoustic solutions requires years of practical experience working in the field of acoustical and noise control.  Knowledge of the main sound sources for each unique piece of equipment and how to remediate the noise emanating from the identified sources and providing the most practical, cost effective and useable design to mitigate the unwanted sound.  Or in an acoustic application, recommending the correct product and placement of a material in the calculated amount to eliminate reverberation, echo and make the subject space functional for its intended purpose whether it be a gym, natatorium, pool, multi-purpose room, church, or school.

eNoise Control offers that experience in solving acoustical solutions to its clients with one goal in mind - eliminating the acoustical problem through sound engineering design coupled with practical hands on experience in successfully treating a vast variety of different acoustical and noise related applications.
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Sound blocking, sound absorption, noise suppression, sound mitigation, and attenuation are a few of the terms typically used by safety administrators, plant managers, and facility managers in describing a need for engineering controls for a noise issue. Whether your noise application is an outdoor chiller, condensing or AC unit with complaining neighbors; or a noisy industrial process, or process machinery that is putting your plant or work area over the OSHA sound level limit; or a gym where you are experiencing garbled speech and are unable to hold a meeting or game - eNoise Control can design and engineer the acoustical solution to meet your goals, budget and process needs.

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